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The Office star rating
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BR 1
0117 9525555
07909 937227
Private members swinging club , with plenty of areas for fun. Couple only areas , holds fetish nights & themed nights.
The Office reviews
reviews Wiggle & Grumpy
14 Jan 2008
06:16:27 PM
Been to the club lots of times (was our first ever trip to a swing vanue) and can honestly sadly say we have watched it degenerate over our times visiting..

Where it was once very warmm and welcoming it has lately changed to an overflow of single males, who seem to think it's a meat market or as one said "cheeper than paying a pro"

The singles tend to be predatory and will follow you all the way to the room, then expect to be allowed to just touch as they wish..

The only redeaming features are the barman and cloak room/door staff, just a pity the club seems to hold quantity and the value of coin over the counter over quality..

As others have said, if your male and got cash your in...
reviews whore & him
01 Dec 2007
12:51:41 PM
We have just been for our first time. Friendly staff, nice layout once you get up the 4 flights of stairs! (Luckily a sofa awaits you at the top to get your breath back lol.) I suppose the single men could be described as predatory in as much as they will follow you if you get up and go to one of the rooms, but all were very respectful, but if that's not what you want, then go on the couples nights. We had a brilliant time and will be back there again....well worth the drive!
reviews Cinders & Buttons
21 Jul 2007
10:43:06 PM
Very good night at the office, We have been b4 and always had a warm welcome, Its been extended to provide many playrooms to suit all, very clean,and well orgiinised.
reviews & J
15 Jul 2007
03:48:31 AM
Have just returned from an evening at the office, and what an experience. We have been to several other cubs with no problems. I will list the attractions we found within the office.
1. The owner was openly selling kamagra.
2. The bar staff were smoking dope.
3. No smoking ban did not apply here.
4. Customers snorting coke openly.
5. Used dirty underwear on top of bar.

The points made by others are spot on, this place is dark, seedy, dingy and the decor is cheap, tacky and appalling. The club is full of strange middle aged single men sitting alone at tables and acting predatory when anyone goes into a room.
To summise alough we live 4 mins drive from this club we prefer to drive the 200 mile round trip to chams rather than go to the office. This club gives the scene a very bad name.

reviews minks & ringo
14 Jun 2007
08:39:01 PM
hi we are looking to go to the office for the first time soon any one like to help us .get in the swing parden the pun.
reviews wsmmale
03 May 2007
09:00:10 AM
Can anyone tell me how to find out about this club!!!
reviews Tom
16 Apr 2007
09:35:51 PM
contrary to previous comments, we have attended theOffice twice and have not been disappointed on either occassion. The layout is better than other clubs listed with lots of separate rooms off one big dance/social/bar area. There was no trouble at all from single men and the management/staff were very friendly and obliging. Excellent venue and we will definately be returning
reviews Funboy
13 Apr 2007
01:17:50 AM
Have to say i agree with previous posters as a single male i was so disgusted with the behaviour of other single males that i complained to the managment got the famous shrug and left Never to return The managment of this club are more intersted in hte money than the comgort of their customers NEVER AGAIN
reviews Jude & Jules
20 Mar 2007
09:20:45 PM
Absolutely dreadful tacky, cheap & nasty place with far too many disrespectful single blokes.. We complained to the management and got a shrug for our trouble...

Doubt there are many clubs worse than this - NEVER AGAIN!
reviews SEXY BI FEM,
18 Mar 2007
06:52:09 PM
Went to the office one night with a guy off swingers...well what can I say but a load off crap...Guys who act like Merecats..touch you without asking...I nearly laid one out... atfter the umteenth time off saying dont touch me without asking...Wouldnt recommend unless you fancy laying some guy out.. they let anyone in for the money and wont listen to complaints...WASTE OFF TIME..
reviews anon
24 May 2006
09:20:13 PM
Love this place, have been several times and always have a great night. Fantastic atmosphere and nice big playrooms, lots of room for lots of fun!
reviews anne & gerry
23 May 2006
04:52:34 PM
great club, we visited there on a cpl's only saturday,had a great time staff very friendly,made to feel very welcome,lots of cpl's there,plenty of action, cazanb
reviews anon
25 Feb 2006
05:09:41 PM
been twice never waste our money again .what a dump.
reviews peach & whisky
04 Nov 2005
11:56:57 PM
great laugh and very relaxed atmos, because of this i reccomend for first timers
reviews anon
02 Oct 2005
12:20:36 AM
will let any males in for money

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