Liberty Elite swingers Club, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE 17 4 HU with 23 swingers reviews online.

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Club Info
Liberty Elite star rating
Watling street
LE 17 4 HU
01455 552 237
Liberty Elite is an exclusive members only swingers and fetish club and is considered THE UPMARKET CLUB for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle. It has recently been voted the UK's number one swinging club in the new update of the Sex in The City swingers guide.

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We have our own excellent and totally secluded premises. Previously a substantial hotel which is now a dedicated adult venue where people can meet in a pleasant, relaxed convivial atmosphere whilst enjoying various adult themed evenings and events. The premises, having been the subject of a 500,000 refurbishment program a few years ago is now maintained to the highest standards. Additionally we are able to offer ON SITE HOTEL STANDARD accommodation. We are conveniently located on the main A5 trunk road in the Midlands, right in the centre of the UK's motoring network and are thus within comfortable driving time for the majority of guests.
Liberty Elite reviews
reviews hornykev
20 Oct 2014
08:04:09 PM
We had our first experience of swinging here and it was awesome! Saturday night and we had 35 couples to choose from, with most in their 30's and 40's. All professionals and able to hold a good conversation. Very clean and great fun in the hot tub with plenty of other couples. When the club shut at 2am we continued the night on until 5am with a sexy couple from Essex. Good times. We will definitely be going back!!
reviews Gloria & Trojan
23 Feb 2014
11:35:16 AM
The club is great, though with limited facilities. However, we had a great time and the staff and clientele were all very friendly.
The accommodation was a shocker though. Very sparse, uncomfortable beds, you could hear everything in the room next door (grate if people are having sex, maybe; not so great if the guy next door is snoring or the couple decide to watch TV until the small hours).
We will go back, but we will stay somewhere else nearby rather than stay in their accommodation.
Looking round the club, we found it to be very clean and well put together.
reviews linda & tony
15 May 2013
08:12:34 PM
Went back to Libs the other weekend after many months absence. Pleasantly surprised and a great sexy evening. Clean and well decorated - this is one club to be recommended.
reviews twinkle & star
20 Aug 2011
03:02:46 PM
is it us or is this club getting very quiet now ?
reviews J & S
30 May 2010
02:18:21 PM
I met my hubby at chams, we was regular attenders at chams , fclub ,abfab, and pleasures over the years. Weve hosted and arranged parties both at home and in clubs. Liberty elite is by far the nicest set up with the friendliest staff and the most chilled atmosphere.
I do not know what kitty and richard are on about or why they felt that way, as we was there that night and remember them. Everyone seemed to have a good night.
I was actually one of the staff at libs that night ( i dont actually work there but will help out when its busy or due to staff sickness) So if i was unfriendly and kitty would like to discuss this with me here i am mail me !
I think personally that if you go around with a certain attitude at any venue people will either take to you or stay clear, perhaps thats the problem ?
As for the accusation of spoof postings by the owners. Get a life if you had even spent 5 mins chatting to Gina and Colin and looking at ho wsuccessful the club is and just how many people were there and how everyone knows each other and welcomes new members who return again and again you would see that the last thing the owners need to do is try to boost their own reputation, we along with many many others at libs will fiercly defend the club .
We got married in march and actually had many guests from the club at our wedding and had a party at the club on our wedding night. last weekend was my birthday and gina and colin and lots of the clients arranged a fab bash for me. Would that happen at such an unfriendly place ????
So kitty and richard it is as its name suggests an elite club, not elitist but for people with some class and standards where the staff are professional and the management supurb. perhaps this is to much for you to handle.
reviews rita & john
10 Mar 2010
12:17:39 AM
We have been to a number of clubs over the past two years,Liberty Elite was our first experience of a club and we still consider it by far the best. For us the atmosphere is perfect, it just feels like a nice bar with dancing which also happens to be full of people who share our sense of fun. Each time we have been to Liberties,there have been a nice mix of people who have all been polite and friendly(including our few friday night visits)

We think this is due to Colin, Gina and the staff who are also polite and friendly (and fun)All in all this creates an evening out where we can relax,be ourselves and meet people who are share our view on living life to the full.We are pleased Liberty Elite was the first club we went to and look forward to many more visits in the future(we are actually going again in two weeks)And yes we would recommend it to others,maybe see you there?
reviews Rachel & Dean
05 Nov 2009
10:33:57 PM
We went friday 30th oct & This was out FIRST visit to a club and our first swinging experience EVER!!! It was a bit more expensive (75 inc membership) than we thought it would be but after a lot of initial nervousness and silly giggles we relaxed and had great fun, Everyone respected each other, members were friendly and helpful & had a great sense of humour, we're in our early 30's and (if we do say so ourselves attractive lol) we were worried it'd be seedy and full of over 50's but we had some great fun with some really attractive people! really pleased we choose such a nice establishment to pop our cherry!!!
reviews Susan & Darren
27 Aug 2009
07:52:15 AM
We went for the 1st time and decided to stay Fri and Sat. The thought of Fri was off putting for us as we were not lookoing to be followed about by single men all night.

What a great time we had, Yes both nights lol. The club is a nice size everyone was well dressed attactive and so nice. We had no stalkers on the Friday just a warm freindly evening with plenty of fun on tap.

The hotel room was clean and tidy nothink outstanding about them but had all we needed in it.

A very sexy buch of smart people and our best club yet we are coming back in Sept and can not wait.

Thanks xxx ps say Hi if you wish xxx
reviews Jax & Matt
06 Oct 2008
12:17:23 PM
we have been a few times now and it's officialy our favourite in the UK. a classy club with lots of sexy people and plenty of action!
a gorgeous area combining good sized jacuzzi and lots of play beds, private and couples rooms. always clean, friendly with a great atmosphere
reviews jo & jon
13 Sep 2008
02:11:31 PM
We was at Libertys last night a friday our first time ,,, And wow this club knocks the spots off some of the clubs we have been too,,, classy yes even Superior. Thay have it just right ,,, spotless so clean and thats not just the loos every place there is fresh looking like new ... Lovely atmosphere . Staff so frendly made us feel very welcome, Music was good not like some clubs just old and same thing up too date mix with some good ones in too dance on the pole too lol,, Allso loads going on in rooms lots of sexy people just having a good time x WE WILL BE BACK ,, X Kisses jo&john
reviews D
06 Jul 2008
07:49:52 PM
Well there's always one isn't there? Zoe and Steve are totally wrong, not just in their description of the club, but for writing this terrible review. Just look at how many positive comments there are - everyone else has got it spot on. We visit Liberty Elite most Fridays and have stayed over more times than I can remember. We have NEVER found the club OR the rooms anything short of top quality in all areas and we are very hurt to read these negative comments. Liberty Elite is, and always will be the best club in the UK.
Diane & Gary
30 Jun 2008
08:20:26 PM
dont know what the previous couple are on about.....
Libbs is totally clean from top to bottom, we have had fantastic nights every visit if you havent been you really dont know what you are missing here.
In our opinion its the best club in the UK
reviews Vixen & Fox
30 Jun 2008
08:00:45 PM
We visited after the below post, and can confirm that the hotel accomadation was purpose build and has never been stables.

Due to the great location of Libs , surrounded by open fields, without mouse boxes any place would have a problem.

We didn't see any trace of insects, and in talking to the owners, in the 5 years they have been their, they havn't either.

We always have a great time and the food is beautiful (with red onions especially for Vix)
reviews Mandy & Jezza
08 Feb 2008
02:26:38 PM
They provide you with an excellent buffet all fresh and always plenty, all members have been checked for I.D. , they have the occasional Disco, most of the disco nights no extra charge, the place is clean, heated, ( unlike some other venues !! ) there is the jacuzzi and play areas, new heated smoking area for smokers (bless them, there is even a blanket to wrap around you you whilst smoking), and all areas, including Bathing and toilets are always spotless, with plenty of clean towels ! .

There is a lovely fire place , and a roaring fire, very cosy if only wearing a towel ! .

You are completely safe at Libs , if you don't want to play, then "NO" means "No"!!
reviews s & p
26 Mar 2007
12:07:03 PM
We have been members of Libbys for about 2 years, It is a fabulouse friendly place, Yes the membership charges are maybe higher than some other clubs, but well worth it for the obvious reasons. In fact Shaz enjoys it so much she is a member with another guy too
reviews j & p
14 Mar 2007
10:27:43 PM
We go about once a month.
Once you have paid the membership fee its not to bad. We find the place very clean and very well run.
Of course like every club, it all depends on the mixture of couples on the night.
But we have also found it a good place to arrange to meet other couples from this site/or take friends we already know.
reviews Miss Naughty & Mr Naughty
13 Mar 2007
08:22:34 PM
went to libertys on sat 10th march , had a good nite and the club is imaculate and well equiped, the spa area is outstanding, the only gripe we had was that it was full of over 50`s, but we were told by the manager its unusual for this, we stayed there the night so made a full night of it, meet up with a couple and had some great fun.
If you have`nt been its well worth the visit.
reviews A & B
13 Mar 2007
08:25:03 AM
Went to this super club. Had a super time. As a casual visistor the membership charges put us off. We considered going this weekend and changed our mind for that reason. Good club strongly recommend.
reviews Ann & Tom
10 Feb 2007
05:18:33 PM
Enjoyed this friendly club, very clean and looking forward to going there again
reviews chell & glyn
25 Jun 2006
08:07:41 AM
hmmm not quite sure if l'm willing to pay a couples membership 25 (temp) plus 25 entry.
l consider membership charges to be the pleasure of single guys
the club looked great !!!!!!

reviews female & male
03 Aug 2005
11:53:57 PM
great club really classy
no pressure
the manegers are great

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