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Club Info
La Chambre star rating
548 Attercliffe Road
S9 3QP
01142 611 234 when open
01246 891 266 out of hou
Our aim is to make your night as unforgettable and pleasurable as possible.

We know how difficult it is to meet other people who share your interests. Finding people who are compatible is time consuming, costly and even hazardous.

At La Chambre you will have instant access to many like minded couples and singles without the need to get involved in long unproductive social meetings and embarrassing situations, to say nothing of the endless phone calls and letters.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the club, see what's on the agenda or just find out more about the "Lifestyle"!

Thanks for dropping in, we hope to see you soon!

Barry & Marie xx
La Chambre reviews
reviews Sexseeker
24 Apr 2015
06:03:25 PM
I went a few times last year and was shown round all the facilities personally by helpful and friendly staff. They have a good variety of facilities as you can see on their website, but perhaps limited if you want to go somewhere a bit more private. It all seemed clean to me. I found Sundays a bit quiet but by no means deserted. I hear Fridays can be manic as that's when single males tend to come. I found the 25 entry fee for a single male a bit steep, but I don't know if that's par for the course.
reviews snugfit & snuggles
21 Feb 2014
05:44:17 PM
nice to have a club with a dance floor - great fun xx
reviews passionfriends f & passionfriend m
23 May 2012
07:24:43 PM
Hi Guys
Went to La Chambre on the 19th May on a saturday night it was very quiet about 9 couples very disappointing!
is this normal ?
reviews Lady & Lord
19 Oct 2008
03:24:55 PM
We went for the first time sat 17th Oct and have nothing but praise for the club, yes people were in groups but every one was friendly and if you spoke to them guess what??? They spoke back! If you sit in a corner expecting everyone to speak to you the so called clicks (as some reviewers mention) wont approach you, you have to make the effort however good looking you think you are. The place is very clean and pleasing on the eye, well done to Charlie the DJ good all round selection of music for all tastes, the bar and door staff very friendly where else would you get the bouncers coming round with a box of chocolate biscuits at the end of the night... amazing! Plenty of rooms to cater for all tastes and the one with the peep and play holes were.... dare I say it an eye opener lol The thing that impressed us the most was that they have four lads watching the car park which is across the main road from the club, so a big thank you to them for a job well done. Maybe when you go give them a tip I did, its well worth it knowing your car is safe. Well worth the 25 membership and 25 entry fee we will be back again and again and again.... guess we liked it!!!
reviews martinigirl & james
30 Apr 2008
06:26:24 PM
Went on a Friday as looking for some extra single men for Martinigirl to play with.... phew, did we find them. A few too many but they did respect that 'no' meant no! Martinigirl had the time of her life ... so did a few of the men that got lucky. Private rooms were pretty grubby. The club could do with a bit of decor and clean up.
reviews misssexy
14 Oct 2007
10:35:19 PM
A freindly club, but not the best. Can be a bit tacky and grubby in places. I think a face lift wouldnt go a miss either. Music can be on the loud side so it's hard to hear folks when chatting. Some of the single men can be a bit undisirable! so an ok kinda club.
reviews fire & ice
07 Sep 2007
10:28:52 AM
We went for our 3rd wedding ann. on a friday had a really good time was maid to feel so welcome and the single men were easy to talt to with most easy on the eye as well. our problem came when we got home a week or two later ween one of there regualers who knew some one we did found it funny to phone then and tell them where we had been and just what we got up to that night. and with this person not liking us had great fun telling everyone and anyone she knew including my wifes work an nhs hospital. so as u can guess made life hard for her at work so if you go u will enjoy but be warn there reg's don't mind who know's about them and care about your privacy.
reviews J & Daz
27 Aug 2007
10:59:28 AM
Been members of La Chambre for quite afew years now and have had some good times there.

But just lately the standards have slipped.
We went afew weeks ago on a Sunday, there was still rubbish from the night before on the landing.
The steamroom tiles where coming off the walls.
The sauna was filthy.

Not sure that we will renew the membership when it is due, think we will just travel more to the clubs that are clean.
reviews &
23 Jun 2007
08:33:25 AM
We have been to La Chambre several times but stopped going because of cleanliness issues. The last time we went we found the place very grotty and sleazy and staff running round trying to fix broken toilets. we also found the the regulars stand offish and difficult to mix with. After our first visit we always took friends to chat to and play with.
reviews Caroline & James
08 Apr 2007
10:56:13 PM
Been members for over two years, last couple of times we've visited we've found the club facilities to be improved but the cleanliness is terrible - the place is going downhill, it's absolutely filthy. Not to mention the MALE MEMBER OF STAFF WHO GETS HIS COCK OUT on couples only nights and uses the peeping room for a free wank or blow job.
We won't be going back in a hurry.
reviews D & C
31 Mar 2007
01:27:43 PM
We have been members at la chambre since just after the club opened, we go about twice a month on saturday nights only. We think it is a great club, weve made lots of friends & always have a good time & lots of fun.Its like any where you go you have to make the effort to talk to people & get to know them not just sit in a corner hideing behind a glass of beer or wine.You may get the odd shy people who keep them selves to them selves hey thats fine, but most will mingle & chat to you if you also make the effort.
Barry & Marie are great hosts & have a great club hope they keep up the good work for many more years yet.
So if your reading this then hope to see you there soon, have fun & play safe.
reviews Sarah & Dean
29 Mar 2007
02:45:18 PM
I'm sorry but we have to disagree. We went on a Saturday night (couples only night) and found it to be really cliquey. No one would talk to us; we approached one couple who just seemed uncomfortable that we were talking to them. It also wasn't very busy. It was a really unsexy atmosphere; no one was having sex at all; then it got to about 12 or 1am and one couple started having sex upstairs and the word got round and everyone rushed to the viewing window to get a look. Not my idea of sexy.
Previous to this we had been to the club on a Friday night I started having sex with my boyfriend and a couple of guys. Unfortunately loads of single men piled into the room with their clothes on (which is supposed to be against the rules) and started wanking over me. Very surreal; I was sort of getting into (!) but then a really ugly, uncouth single man just piled onto the bed and said "get yer tits out then, luv' which completely put me off. Be warned!! The clientele can be a bit rough. Well it is Attercliffe. If you do go, I suggest getting a private room.
reviews S & K
13 Mar 2007
06:27:19 PM
What a wonderful club. It was the first time that we had been to a club but were made to feel very welcome, the staff are freindly and helpful and our nerves soon went. We were not pounced upon and we enjoyed a wonderful evening with other like minded adults. We will be visiting La Chambre again, again and again.....
reviews anon
16 Jul 2006
10:49:54 PM
we were first timers and was made to feel at ease, what a fantastic night we had!!!!!. Cant wait to go soon!!!1
reviews Blondie & Horny
20 Jun 2006
12:24:28 PM
I love this club the people our great and the club is clean, we have been members for nearly 4 years and although we don't get to go often we still have a great night with old freinds and new when we do go.
reviews karen & jon
23 Dec 2005
06:28:53 PM
very relaxed atmosphere and the staff put you very quickly at ease with everything thats going on
no one there in the 3 visits we have made have been pushy what so ever !
a most pleasant club

go on enjoy yourself
reviews tart & jam
07 Sep 2005
11:53:09 PM
Great atmosphere.
Relaxed, non pushy!
Fantastic night
reviews Sally & Kev
01 Jul 2005
11:28:54 PM
This club is the club that put the swing into swinging, Barry and Marie will make anybody feel at ease. We have been members for over three years and view the club as our local. Give it a try!!!


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