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Club Info
GEMS Swingers Venue /Club star rating
Gems Swingers Venue / Parties
Nr Yeovil
Gems is a Legal, Safe, Secure, & Authorised venue for Swingers & Alternative lifestyle's people to Meet & Party

We operate as an Adult only Party Venue, Anyone is welcome to apply, Str8 or Bi,

The Venue is for Couples, Single ladies, and Single guys, LGBTQ, CD’s & T girls etc. by invitation only.

These are No pressure Parties; do only what you want to do, just enjoy yourself.

Parties are held on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s, Bank holidays, & Notable days.

Parties which are held on Saturday nights, commencing at 8pm through to 3am, (Str8 & Bi)

Parties which are held on Wednesday’s, commencing at 2pm through to 11pm, (Str8 & Bi)

There are: Showers /Toilets / Lockers / Massage couch room, Jacuzzi room, (Towels supplied)

Play rooms: Huge Roman Orgy Bed room / Screened Exhibitionists Bed Area,

A 2 bed Dark Room. And a Sex swing room with a bed area,

Fetish room with: St Andrews X, spanking bench, smother box & adjustable Medical table.

(And for peoples safety there are No Lockable rooms)

You must apply to attend via email. And received a confirmation before attending,

There are ample parking areas, And plenty of room for your Cars, & Vans, etc.

Email us on.

Best wishes Ian
GEMS Swingers Venue /Club reviews
reviews J & C
21 Nov 2017
12:21:05 PM
Gemscampsite is a Legal, Safe & Secure authorised venue for Swingers & alternative lifestyle's people
to Meet & Party (Adults Only),
Operated as an Adults only Party Venue,
You can stay overnight free on Party nights in your own Accom if ancillary to attending the party,
There is no extra charge for this, on Party nights only & only if ancillary to attending the party.
Please note this is not a naturist site, (Only inside the venue building if you wish),
you do not have to stay over if attending just the parties,
It is open to Couples, Single ladies, and Single guys LGBTQ etc. by invitation only.
The Venue is for Couples, Singles Guys, and Single Ladies, Greedy Girls are welcome,
These are No pressure events; do only what you want to do, just enjoy yourself.
Etiquette: No means No.
Always Ask before you touch.
Respect other peoples privacy.
There is air conditioning installed,
Parties are held on Wednesdays & Saturdays, Bank holidays, & Notable days.
Parties which are held on Saturday nights, commencing at 8pm through to 3am, (Str8 & Bi)
Parties which are held on Wednesdays, commencing at 2pm through to 11pm, (Str8 & Bi)
There are: Showers /Toilets / Lockers / Massage couch room, Jacuzzi room, (Towels supplied)
Play rooms: Huge Roman Orgy Bed room / Screened Exhibitionists Bed Area,
A 2 bed Dark Room. And a Sex swing room with a bed area,
Fetish room with: St Andrews X, spanking bench, smother box & adjustable Medical table.
Also a Smoking Area (Available for smokers use),
(And for peoples safety there are No Lockable rooms)
Dress code for Gents is Smart Casual, and ladies: Sexy or Dress to impress.
A light finger buffet (Saturdays), Tea, Coffee, Orange or lemon Squash & Chilled Water is provided (Free),
Bring your own Alcohol & Mixers please. (We do not stock or sell drinks).
You must apply to attend via email. And received a confirmation before attending,
There are ample parking areas. And plenty of room for your Cars, etc.
No Cameras, Mobile phones or recording devices permitted,
No one will be admitted unless their name is down on the admissions list,
This is to stop persons from just turning up, or people turning up without their couple partner,
and to keep a ratio balance,
Email us on.
Best wishes J & S
reviews privatepit
05 Jun 2014
07:27:45 PM
Saturday 31st May - My second visit to this Gem of a club. Smaller and more intimate than many of the clubs - this would be an ideal introduction to swinging for nervous newbies. What amazed me on both of my visits was how friendly everyone is. At lots of clubs single guys are ignored by the couples who are not looking for them - at Gems even if they don't want to play with you, the couples are friendly and chatty. Makes for a lovely friendly atmosphere. That being said there is a LOT of opportunities to play here. The couples I met were there for fun - so fun was had by all.

I know lots of people have mentioned the smoking - seriously its not as bad as they make out. As an ex smoker I am really fussy about smoke - but it just wasn't a problem. My suggestion go - its quite simply one of the friendliest swingers clubs in the UK.
reviews Al
01 Dec 2011
05:15:52 PM
Last Wednesday, (30/11/11) was my first time at Gems. I went with a lovely young lady who was a regular. Very warm, inviting place with a lounge area to chill out in and friendly non pushy conversation with other member's. Also had fun in the play rooms. We had such a wonderful time there and I for one will be going back and maybe get others to come along too. Al.
reviews Paxo
28 Sep 2011
06:59:15 AM
Have been going to Gems for a number of years now. Friendly club with no pressure. Yes it is a bit basic and smoking is allowed but everyone knows that before they go. What it lacks in facilities is more than made up for by the attitude of everyone who goes. There is none of the clickiness found in some places. I have taken a number of ladies over the years who wanted to try a club - each enjoyed themselves and went again. I certainly would not have taken them or returned myself if I did not think the place was good.

I always say that Gems is like Marmite - you either love it or hate.
reviews Gersh
25 Aug 2011
06:02:15 PM
Wonderful place, Wonderful people and a great night out last night. Should not be missed.
reviews happy smiley
14 Jan 2011
07:05:24 PM
i have been to gems on many occasions and always had a good time Jan and Harry are excellent hosts and was made to feel very welcome from both of them and the couples that were in there. Really enjoyed the atmosphere ,the partys and the people i met
reviews Nikki & Babbers
17 Aug 2010
10:02:26 PM
We have been to Gems on a few occasions now and would like to say we really enjoy going.So easy to meet people and make friends.Admit not everyones cup of tea but most definately one of our favourite venues
reviews lady & iceman
02 May 2010
09:56:11 PM
we went to Gems for the first time and went along with an open mind, when we got there we were spoken to through a hatch, money was taken off us and we were left to our own devices. we did not know where anything was and weren't shown. the place stank of damp and cigarette smoke. the playrooms were more like prison cells with plastic mattresses and damp walls..very seedy and not inviting at all. a male public toilet would have been more inviting. we left after an hour stinking of smoke and quite disgusted. Anyone with any class should avoid this venue..didn't even know who the hosts were. went to the toilet and some chap was washing his privates in the sink..showers??? where??? The only good thing about it was the helpfulness of the chap organising the car parking
reviews Jenny & Paul
26 Feb 2010
10:35:33 AM
We visited Gems at the end of last summer and have onloy just got over the experience enough to give a review. We had booked to rent a caravan to stay the night. The van we were shown reeked of damp, had one small light that worked, no heating, a kettle but no other utensils at all AND no water. When we enquired, we were told we could get water from the end of a yard hose hanging on an outside wall and that they would loan us two plastic mugs. When we sought the owner we were met by a large person with a cigarette in his mouth. He appeared through a sliding hatch, out of which poured smoke, released by the many smokers sat at the bar.
We refused to pay for the caravan and left.
The best point of our review is that we drove to the nearest village and found an excellent pub with beautiful bedrooms and had a great evening doing what we had hoped to do at the caravan park. Only not on a damp surface and not enveloped by smoke fumes
reviews colin
11 Oct 2009
03:58:31 PM
i visited gems as a single male on aug b/h weekend put up tent chatted with friendly couples helped female to get hers up sat happily in the sun til 8pm when the club house opens went in with couple in next tent friendly atmosphere did not fill up till after 9 pm and shut at 3 as advertised i met several couples joined in the fun in the curtained off areas .had a great time will be going back thanks jan@harry
reviews Chris
18 Jan 2009
09:39:02 PM
New to the scene......I went to gems with a friend feeling very apprehensive.........I need not have worried, the hosts are fabulous, making you feel welcome and safe. I left the world the door and relaxed, having a great time socialising and playing ;-)
Returned for a second time this weekend and I hope it won't be my last, the long drive is worth it .....And i want to use the jacuzzi!!!!
Thanks guys x
reviews Lin
01 Jan 2009
08:41:46 PM
Love this club...The hosts and staff are so down to earth and friendly. Been to the club twice now and had a brill time each time. Off to the club this Sat (3/1/9)..cant wait :D:D
So if you are new to the scene come to will have a fab time xxxx
reviews adrian
02 Jul 2008
11:48:23 PM
I went to the party night last weekend and had a great time, lovely friendly people and a great atmosphere, I am a non smoker but it must have been well ventilated because it didn't bother me at all, hope to go again soon.
reviews hunguk10
10 Feb 2008
11:26:49 AM
WARNING!!!!! palrty night feb 08.. we handed over a bottle of JD and a bottle of vodka, both 1 litre and full.. we had 3 drinks each and went to get a 4th,, we noticed that we only had a quarter botlle left in each,, we had been robbed of both our spirits and trust,,, this club is a 1 room old barn full of free loadin locals, this is definetly a local place for local people,, if your a young good lookin funseekin couple DO NOT GO THERE!!!! if your old toothless and want to drink someone elses drinks for cut price prices while surrounded by folk you will fit in well..good luck.. we had more fun in the car b4 we entered the club...
reviews Nympho
27 Sep 2007
02:23:01 PM
what a fabb couple grate host with a awsum sens of humer, made to feell at home all tho im welsh hehe,grate venu losts of fun and get to enjoy a cup and a cigerte with out any body complaining!!!!and the massarge awsum thank ladys ,thanks harry!!!!!!!!! happy swinging!!!!
reviews ian
12 Sep 2007
02:54:42 PM
Well i can only presume that romeo didn't bother to open his eyes there is a huge sign cutting off over half the clubhouse from smokers plus a number of smaller non smoking playrooms as we were at the party in question it was made very clear to all about the non smoking areas. The no smoking law clearly doesn't apply to someones home so why try and make out Gems is anything other than jan and harrys "sweety shop" for his invited guests to enjoy the great haven of swinging activities.
reviews marcus
11 Sep 2007
12:14:46 AM
went to gems on sat 8th as a single male,had a great time and met some very interesting people .some great fun couples there who were more than willing to chat/play with a single guy.will be back for the next one.
reviews martine & chris
10 Sep 2007
04:31:57 PM
We have attended several of Harrys parties and have always been made very welcome. The hosts are second to none and it is easy to relax in the very friendly atmophere. We travel quite a way so always camp so we can enjoy the parties to thier full without the worry of travel while we are tired. Many others also camp so this adds to the whole weekend and we can not reccomend this site highly enough. Although one of us is a none smoker we are aware that we are invited guests at someones home and must expect others to smoke as you would at any other party as long as the host is comfortable with this. There are non smoking and non drinking areas that are well signed but we have not had a problem with the smoke as the windows are usually open to help keep the temperature down as much as anything else.
reviews Juliet J & Romeo P
09 Sep 2007
04:31:07 PM
Attended yesterday, 170 miles round trip, waste of time! 50% of those in attendance were continually smoking in the one room without adequate ventilation. They could see that other 50% were non-smokers and they also knew it was illegal, however they just didnot give a damn!! After 45 mins, the smoke had inpregnated your hair, clothes and throat so badly it was obvious from that early stage that being non-smokers we could not stay and would not have been able to play. We pointed this out to the owners who called us out to the reception area and they happily refunded our money. At the same time another couple who had been there for 90 mins also demanded a refund and left for the same reason. Those inconsiderate smokers who attended yesterday and lit up, we hope you read this. You ruined the night out of four of us non-smokers plus others we dont yet know about, so we hope you feel happy about that!! The manegement state that the fee is to park your car on the pitches in the field and thus entrance to the club is free so smoking regs dont apply!! What TOSH This IS a commercial business in every meaning of the term. If you a heavy inconsiderate smoker who dosent give a toss about smoking one fag after another in front of non-smokers, eventhough there is only one room for everyone to us, and eventhough its illegal for you to do so anyway, then you will be in similar company and no doubt will have a good time. If you a non-smoker and / or the type that respects the wishes of others and are a decent considerate type that complies with UK law, then there is hardly any point attending as you too will be getting a refund within the hour!
reviews smiling lad
27 Aug 2007
06:08:41 PM
I popped along Sat night what a great night lots of fun people great hosts will be back again
reviews jollibabe & Mrperfect
15 Jul 2007
07:51:22 PM
Went to Gems last night for the first time. Had a fab time, no pressure, everyone was really friendly and it was a great set up (bar, jacuzzi, play area). Will definitely be going back.
reviews gill & tony
15 Apr 2007
07:46:32 PM
We have just returned from a really good weekend at Gems Campsite. We were made to feel welcome by other guests and Harry and Jan. There was a good ratio of couples to single fems/males and nobody was pressurised into doing anything they didnt want to do. We will def be going back there and will be regular visitors.

Gill and Tony
reviews Skin & Snake
14 Mar 2007
08:49:20 PM
We have been a couple of times and definately want to go again. It was our first 'swinger' type party - we'd recommend it to nervous newbies and more experienced party goers.
reviews noel
14 Jan 2006
10:29:32 AM
This is probably the best club I have been to in the South west. Very friendly, no pressure and lots of sexy people
reviews __Diamond_Man
05 Jan 2006
01:59:51 AM
Attended Gems, met some great people and the hosts put a lot of time and effort into the venue, great palce to hitch the caravan up and head for, there are play rooms and an outdoor swimming pool in the summer and Jacuzzi for the cold winter months,
reviews Magic Man & El Diablo
27 Nov 2005
05:53:23 PM
What a waist of time,advertised as a greedy girls night but was (almost) all couples!
Very cramped,though it is advertised as a campsite-the owners had an issue with anything going on outside of the clubroom??
All in all,not worth the journey and luckily for them,they take the entrance fee before you get into the actual building-Sorry if this sounds harsh but we are not fans of the couples scene andexpected what was advertised,instead we found a tame couples venue that doesn't do what it says on the tin.

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