Paradise Naturist Spa swingers Club, Bournemouth, Bournemouth, bh14 4ra with 8 swingers reviews online.

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Club Info
Paradise Naturist Spa star rating
172 windham road
bh14 4ra
01202 301 444
Ok its a spa , for naturists & swingers , holds club nights for couples & singles.
Paradise Naturist Spa reviews
reviews drew
21 Apr 2014
09:23:48 PM
Im a regular visitor to this club. And over the years the staff have alway been friendly and the club is clean. The only bad point would be the lack of parking. The massage service given is of a good standard i love the deep tissue by alina
reviews champagne & cocktail
19 Oct 2009
08:52:20 PM
The club looks like it has turned a corner, so maybe time to update the impression given by some of the reviews posted here. The present management have made efforts to eliminate past problems and are obviously trying harder. We spent a few enjoyable hours there yesterday (Sunday) evening. 5 women and 10 men were there and the single guys were all on best behaviour. Some things will not change - the location is scruffy (not the club's fault) and the premises are small (max capacity say 30 - 40) - but that need not prevent you having a fun time. Time to give it another try?
reviews Erin & Dave
24 Jul 2008
03:55:42 AM
Really not a nice place for women....Mostly frequented by men who decend on you like flies on sh** as soon as you get your kit off, only made worse by the fact that the owner (who is repulsive!) thinks he should be allowed to invite himself into the private rooms with you without any conversing with you first. He will bend the rules to suit himself...i.e. he will call your partner to tell them you've visited on your own if he knows them (he has done this to us!) and then when you try to find out if there are any women down there an y given night to make it worth your while going (not requesting names...just genders) you get told ...cant tell you policy!!!!!!
unbelievably badly run business! have been a few times and now wont ever go again
reviews Mandy & Shandy
02 Jun 2007
01:50:16 PM
dreadful place, tacky sleazy and dirty....dont bother! swingers junction far nicer for 20mt drive. Walked in, met by two greasy guys storing dirty helmets in the background led to small locker room with plastic string curtains it gets worse damp and smelly
reviews jane & stev
20 Dec 2006
01:24:54 AM
BE nice if they had photos or even some thing about the place on there add
reviews yvonne & max
27 Aug 2005
02:51:40 PM
great fun for swingers had our first swingin fun there

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