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**NO LONGER A SWINGERS CAMPSITE**Adults Only Caravan and Camping  

Adults Only Caravan and Camping Park

If peaceful surroundings in the south Lincolnshire countryside appeal to you read on.

We have 7 beautiful acres where old tall sycamore trees flank one boundary and tall popular trees the other. There is a lot of open space so room to park your caravan and put up awnings and windbreaks and still not be on top of your neighbour unless you arrange to do so!

The park is new for 2009 and we are striving to make it a safe place for swingers to enjoy one anotherís company in seclusion peace and tranquillity.

The park is a haven for wildlife. And with the new RSPB nature reserve within walking distance (takes an hour to walk Ė lovely isolated walk or15 minutes in the car) we get a variety of birds flying over, and many feeding/nesting in the park Canada Geese for example Jackdaws, Little Owls, Tawny Owls, Barn Owls, Buzzards, Cranes, Herons and Bats.

There are also badgers, and foxes, hare, some small deer, and squirrels, lizards, newts, toads and frogs. The park is a beautiful place to see nature in its own habitat some creatures seldom seen elsewhere in Europe. We also have a big old Yew tree that was planted in 1584 and that too is worth seeing.

Stargazing at the park is beautiful. With no streetlamps to obliterate the view the night sky when cloudless is stunning as are the sunsets and sunrises, filled with colour, beautiful endless skies with no tall buildings to block the incredible view. Itís a great place for inspiration and meditation.

Even thunderstorms are fabulous. As close to the salt marshes, lightening strikes that hit the ocean explode in a dome of light.

The cloud formations over Lincolnshire will leave you breathless therefore spending time here at our park will be an experience you will never forget for all the right reasons.

We are endeavouring to open the park to swingers, because we realise how difficult finding somewhere to spend time with likeminded people can be. Even lovers who usually find hotels closed between the hours of 10am and 3pm when they need beds the most can come here, so long as they can smuggle out a tent or caravan from home.

We are swingers ourselves but we will not bother you unless invited. You will organise your own groups and come to the park and spend however long you wish there. Or you can email us and we will organise a night/weekend//week event when we have enough people of mixed sex interested.

We are also intending to organise holistic weekends asap so that Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Yoga and other alternate therapies will be available at an extra cost. A psychic medium will also be available for readings, along with tarot and oracle card readings.

The park is basic, so your caravan will need to be equipped with its own showers, toilets and electricity, though we are considering placing in hook ups dependable at this stage on how well the park takes off.

There is a delightful country pub just a mile away that serves delicious meals and drinks, and the nearest shops are 3 miles.

We also do year round undercover caravan storage, so if you prefer you can leave your caravan with us and tow it out yourselves into the park when you feel inclined to visit to save you tugging it up the motorway in windy weather.

We are trying our utmost to make the park a fun place for adults who wish to swing. There will be times when the general public will also be there, but we will ensure that the two groups do not mix, so that swingers can if they wish walk around naked in secluded areas.

All we ask for is £6 per night per caravan or tent. If you have neither and donít mind sleeping beneath the stars then a duvet or sleeping bag will suffice, still at £6 a night.

For further details, group bookings or to place your name on a waiting list please email: StargazersPark1@aol.com
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