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Club Info
R3TRO CLUB star rating
33 Midland Road
07977 317205
Welcome to r3troclub!
The Midlands Premier Adult Entertainment Venue. Midlands Swinging club where Midlands Swingers and all the open minded people of the world are welcome to come along and indulge exploring their sexual boundaries. Feel the exhilaration of oozing sensuality at our Swingers parties held weekly in the heart of the country. Indulge in Bukkake Parties, Gangbang Parties, Greedy Girl Parties, Fetish Parties, you name it! Simply put, if you’ve been `thinking` about swinging, you’re waaay more than half way there!
R3TRO CLUB reviews
reviews Tim & boo-hooray
10 May 2016
03:16:25 PM
I have a friend who likes to get her knitting out when with people having sex, she also liked to be 'rag dolled' ie passed around by her male friends. I have another friend who, when she found someone she wanted to be with for a short while would go off into a separate room.
The R3tro club would suit somewhere between these two LS types. There are a few unmentioned rules: no male to be close without wearing a condom which are supplied free. I got the feeling that greedy girls really preferred to 'deal with' one at a time with no kissing or anyone else joining in. If you take an LS inexperienced friend she will probably say this was just a knocking shop but experienced would probably like it that he/she was able to be close to the action and could join in if wished. I was unable to see upstairs this visit but the sauna was nice and someone made very nice tea (Two tea bags?)
In Birmingham the private club is an example of the first type and there is always activity to watch there (condoms not free, lots of men.) Darleston Chams would be the other type for the inexperienced and gentle and lesbian friendly. There wasn't much happening or that I saw on the day I visited but the Jacuzzi was nice. Things were certainly happening r3tro!

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