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Club Info
OVERSEAS - Paris - Le Mask star rating
18, rue Feydeau
75002 PARIS
The team here at MASK invite you to enter our elegant, glamorous and dreamlike atmosphere within our new kind of club exclusively reserved for the amateur or introduced libertine couples, the understated and new modern decor will transport you body and soul towards new sensual experiences.

Whether you are a first time or regular customer, here in MASK you will feel protected and cherished and completely at home, allow yourself to succumb to the comfort of our large lounge, to the conviviality of the cocktail bar, enjoy the intimacy of the small lounges and naughty corners and give way to your fantasies in the playful alcoves.

In the steps of the Empress Josephine and Maitresse of Barras, our team will welcome you and guide you through our multiplicity of areas and subdued ambiences, where you may come in alone or in a group..whether full of laughter and party spirit or maybe for an illicit naughty afternoon or a bold sparkling evening full of elegance, respect and conviviality.
OVERSEAS - Paris - Le Mask reviews
reviews Katy & Mike
16 Sep 2016
06:13:04 PM
Can do little other than whole heartedly endorse Louise and David's review. Mask is a class act and thankfully, for those of us who are not night owls, it's open most afternoons. A morning Eurostar from St P will get you there in good time for a fun afternoon and there are a number of decent hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to know more.
reviews Her & David
26 Feb 2014
07:45:18 PM
Hidden just behind the Paris Stock Exchange (Le Bourse) lies one of the city’s swinging gems. Le Mask Club Libertine a Paris is unique – it is the city’s only ‘couples only’ swingers club. It is intimate, friendly and welcoming. Until a few years ago it was called Le Nautilus with the interior designed to look like the inside of a submarine. Quite why we never discovered but with the change of ownership it has had a makeover and now enjoys a new lease of life.

Don’t worry if your French is not perfect – the staff speak English and will make you welcome. There’s no membership fee, you simply pay per visit.

You’ll be given a mask when you enter and the owners say it helps people to be less inhibited when wearing a mask. You can indulge as much or as little as you wish. We have never been pressured in all the years we have been going so if you are new to swinging, or just new to Paris, there’s no need to feel anxious.

The club, one of the more upmarket clubs in Paris, is very popular with staff from the Stock Exchange just around the corner. Many brokers pop in for their ‘cinq a sept’ liaisons (‘cinq a sept’ or ‘5 to 7’ are those office romances which fill the gap between leaving work and arriving home for supper). However, don’t try to pick up trader tips, the brokers in Le MASK are not thinking about work once they enter the club. It is also popular too with staff from the Agence France Presse (AFP). The global newsgathering organization has its global headquarters just across the square however worry not, the journalists in the club are not looking for a story for the Sunday papers, oh no, although these scribblers have plenty of lead in their pencils they are there for the same reason you’re there.

The club is small by some Continental standards but that is its charm. The ground floor comprises a relaxation area where couples can sit and drink and watch one of the erotic swinging films on the large screen. There’s a bar and beyond the play areas – leather covered seats line the alcoves where you can sit and watch or join in. If you descend a tunnel of blue pin-point lights you enter the new basement play room. There are showers should you want to freshen up before leaving.

The club website is in French and English, although the English translation can sometimes confuse as much as it clarifies. The club opens in the afternoon and at night. The website gives the current opening hours but basically it opens from 2pm until 7.30pm on weekdays and from 10.30pm until late from Tuesday until Sunday night. It’s an upmarket sort of place and the entrance (between 50€ and 70€ )includes a drink. We usually opt for the champagne.

The club is warm, welcoming, friendly and strictly 'couples only'. We always visit when in Paris. Maybe we’ll see you there when next we visit.

Louise and David.


18 rue Feudeau, Paris, 2eme

Tel: +33 (0) 145 088 150

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