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Something went wrong!
Reason: No Transaction processed.

This has happened to us in the past when paying for things online and I fully appreciate it's really annoying!

It's usually caused by the authorisation and fraud checks between banks which we don't get to see or control.

There is now an easy alternative to using credit or debit cards online!
Have a look at the paysafecard....it's Safe, Secure, Anonymous and no more declined transactions!

Online cash payments, without bank account or credit card? Get your paysafecard now and pay online as if you're using cash. Paysafecard is prepaid cash for the internet.

And it's as easy as this:

Paysafecard is available from thousands of sales outlets worldwide. Find a sales outlet near you: http://www.paysafecard.com/pos

Get your paysafecard worth GBP 10, GBP 25, GBP 50 or GBP 75. When buying a paysafecard you get a 16-digit PIN printout that you can enter at the web shop of your choice. It's very easy - no personal data or bank account details are required.

To pay for larger amounts, you can easily combine up to ten paysafecards. Just click on “Enter more PINs!”. That's also how you can use up your remaining credit.

For more info, please go to www.paysafecard.com