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Abbreviations: What on earth does lol mean?
LOL, you mean you really dont know?

Well thanks to a recent forum post here's a whole collection of abbreviations you may come across and some you may want to avoid at all costs !!

Profile / Chatroom abbreviations

  • aoynb All over your naughty bits
  • bbl Be back later
  • brb Be right back
  • btw by the way
  • ddss Different day, same shit
  • dilligaf Do I look like I give a fuck
  • ffs for fucks sake
  • holland Hope our love lasts and never dies
  • l8r Later
  • lmao laughing me arse off
  • lmfao laughing me fuckin arse off
  • lol Laugh out loud
  • m8 mate.
  • pmsl Pissing myself laughing (also:peeing myself laughing).
  • rofl Rolling on floor laughing
  • roflmao Rolling on floor laughing me arse off
  • sfa Sweet fuck all
  • tba To be advised
  • tlc Tender loving care
  • nsa No Strings Attached
  • swalk Sealed with a loving kiss
  • VWE Very well endowed
...and here's some more !
Sexual Abbreviations
  • A Anal Sex
  • A-Levels Anal Sex
  • AC/DC Bisexual
  • Agate A small penis
  • ATM Ass to Mouth
  • Bareback Sex without a condom
  • BBBF Bareback butt fuck
  • BBBJ Bareback blow job
  • BBF Bareback fuck
  • BBW Big beautiful woman
  • BDSM Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism(sm)
  • CIM Cum in mouth
  • COB Cum on breasts
  • COF Cum on face
  • DP Double penetration
  • DVP Double vaginal penetration
  • O-Levels Oral sex
  • SM Sadomasochism
  • Watersports Urinating on another person for sexual pleasure (*yuk*)
  • W/S or WS Watersports (see above)
Swinging Abbreviations
  • Full Swing (see swinging)
  • Soft Swing Swinging up to but not including intercourse. (Sex with own partner only).
  • Swinging (traditional) Where two or more couples agree to get together with the intention of engaging in an intimate sexual encounter with a partner or partners other than their own.
  • Swinging (2001) Similar to the original version above but includes both single males and females in the lifestyle.
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