How do I update my profile on Local Swingers?

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How do I update my profile?
Quick Links:
The above links should take care of anything you need to update!

1) General Information.

You can edit/change any part of your profile using the links above. Here's a few more details...

Status Select your relationship status from the drop down box... for example 'Married or Open Relationship'

Looking Give other members an idea of what your looking for... this could be 'Casual Fun' to 'Long term' relationships.

Advert Title
This is your advert title used in all the search listings on Local Swingers. Make it interesting as its the very first impression you give other members. Avoid phone numbers and email addresses or anything which could identify you as this line can be seen by the search engines.

You MAIN advert
Take your time on this one... having a well laid out profile can really make the difference on how sucessful you are here. We can honestly say the more you put in the more you will get out. Dont waste your time with one liners, or put too much either... You can update your profile online at anytime so if you dont get it quite right, its very easy to change later.

Editor Style

We have two different profile editors, basic or advance. The advanced editor allows you to create a much more advanced profile with extra photos and fancy text. The only disadvantage is its a little more difficult to use at first. If switching between editors remember to click SAVE INFORMATION first or your recent changes may be lost.

Accommodate Yes or No

Travel Yes or No

Meet Smokers Yes or No

NOW CLICK SAVE INFORMATION to record any updates.

The next 3 are fairly self explanatory...but if you do need help please contact support

2) Seeking.

3) Experience.

4) Enjoy.

5) Personal Details (male).

6) Personal Details (female).

Singles only see option 5, or 6... Couples have both links. These are your personal profiles. This is also where you can add your first names, or aliases... Please think carefully before putting you real names... its perfectly normal to use an alias.. think nosey neighbours or relatives!!
Hope that helps...if you do need any help please dont hesitate to contact support take me there

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