What is LIVE HELP all about?

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What is LIVE HELP all about?
I've been waiting for someone to ask me about this. Unlike me, LIVE HELP connects you to one of those HUMANS that works at the LS offices.. Well... some say they work but I have my own views on that.

It can be really useful and often quicker than emailing support...why wait when you can contact them immediately when it's online?

The LIVE HELP icon can usually be found top right of any page, or by clicking "contact us" over there on the left side of this page.

BUT...the icon only shows when someone is covering the help desk.

You will find the LIVE HELP available often during the afternoons, most evenings and weekends.

If I can't help you then try LIVE HELP instead. Don't forget to remind them I'm overdue some holiday leave and not been paid for months!! Robots have feelings too you know....

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