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Profile Tips
Starting Out

So, you've signed up, paid your money and are raring to go, but where do you start? Well your first port of call should be "edit my profile" and "edit my pictures". Without a profile no-one will be able to see you, or search for you and without pictures you are missing out on hundreds of people who wont check you out without the all important camera icon next to your name (this denotes that your profile has pictures associated with it).


Your Profile and Pictures

Your profile is the single most important part of your membership here, so think carefully about how you want other members to view you. To begin with I would recommend starting with standard information such as marital status, age etc. Once this has been completed then you can have a really good think about the more complicated sections (In particular "advert details"). Begin with General Info, put in your marital status and what you are looking for as such...


Also don't forget to choose whether you can accommodate and travel. Bear in mind that if you plan on accommodating you will be letting virtual strangers into your home. Please vet your potential swing mates VERY carefully.


Next up are the relatively straightforward sections called "seeking", "experience" and "enjoy". These are just tick boxes to fill in your preferences. You should already have a pretty good idea about who your looking for but couples please discuss who you want first as your other half will be non too impressed when they see that straight female or the like has been ticked when they thought you were looking for a couple. The only others pointers here are make sure you know what your ticking and honesty, honesty, honesty. You'll always find someone with the same interests as you and you'll be alot better off in the long run when it comes to crunch time and you aren't what/who you say you are.

Voyeurism watching others being intimate

S & M sadism/masochism, if you don't know what this is then it's probably not for you

Watersports involves urination in a sexual context (can also imply other bodily functions - vomiting etc)


Exhibitionism publicly showing your body or having sex in knowing view of others

note that other terms commonly in use on local-swingers are listed below and if you come across a term or acronym you don't understand and isn't listed then just go to the chat room and ask. We are all very friendly so don't be embarrassed about not knowing things...we all have to learn.


Personal Details

This is a very simple section with one prerequisite. Be honest, if you have 30A breasts or 36DD breasts then say so, with such a diverse crowd people you will find the right person for you. There is nothing worse than realising that after a week of chatting and exchanging phonecalls the person on the other end bears no resemblance to their profile.

By nature swingers are extremely understanding and tolerant of others so please don't lie, it just makes life harder for the rest of us and you will be found out eventually. We do talk you know!!

Advert Title and Advert Details

Ok so you've filled out all your details and there are just two remaining boxes: 'Advert Title' and 'Advert Details'. These are the REALLY important ones as this is where most eyes will go straight to. Your title is limited to 45 characters so you need to be concise. However don't be tempted to just write "Big cocked bloke wants good fuck" You will almost certainly be met by a deafening wall of silence. Instead try to explain who you are and who you want. Bear in mind that where you live is generally displayed next to your title and don't include it, my personal favourites have this format:
age > personality > seeking. With catchy or entertaining titbits in between
ie 25 yr fun cpl seek hedonist for frolics
another popular technique is to just go for all out catchy slogans such as
wanton wench in warwick wants wood
Both are just as effective so take your pick.

As for the actual details put whatever you like and bear in mind these pointers.
Not too short, not too long - people want to know a little about you but they are more than likely just browsing so your life story is probably unnecessary.
Tasteful not tacky - ok so its a swingers website and we are all big girls and boys but noone wants to know what you like to do with your vibrator after youve used it on your boyfriend. If you want maximum results leave the audience horny and wanting more.
Don't give private details - leaving your phone number is never a good idea, much better to give ur number out over email because the people who take advantage are cowards and rarely have the courage to ask in a more personal context like email. Also giving out external email addresses can open yourself up to extraordinary amounts of spam emails so is also never a good idea.
Single males check out 'swinging as a single male' for more advice.


Adding pictures is very easy, simply go to "edit my photos" pick a photo from your hard drive, add a title and upload! There is no set size for pictures but I would definitely recommend no bigger than 60KB in size. As for which pictures to upload, choose pictures which are flattering but true to yourself and not offensive, making sure that they are clear enough to see on thumbnail size. If you are comfortable with it, face pictures will get you more interest with the drawback that any member can see who you are. Single males at this point I would once again point you in the direction of the help page 'swinging as a single male' which has some excellent advice on the subject. Again I will point out the importance of honesty as uploading pictures that are not an accurate representation of yourself is a sure fire way to get yourself ignored by the huge majority of members. Also note the terms and conditions on the upload page and don't upload pictures of last weeks threesome with the judge and his wife without asking first! It could open yourself up to litigious action and just really isn't worth it.

So What's Next?

Well, now youve got your profile youre ready to get out into the world of swinging. Advice here is beyond the scope of the page [but keep your fingers crossed for me to get this bored again!- sam] however I will say that unless you are a young, attractive single female or couple then chances are you won't get that many emails. This means you will have to do the legwork by checking the profiles of other members and emailing them...When searching MAKE SURE YOU READ THEIR PROFILE!!! nothing is more annoying than getting a barrage of emails from people you have explicitly expressed non-interest in, the classic example being NO SINGLE MALES. Guys you really need to listen to this if you want to get ahead. Also when emailing try not to give an illiterate one-liner such as "im in your area I'll fuck ya 2moro if ya wont" that may sound sexy in your head but the reciever will most likely think...what a twat. Say who you are and what it is you are after in a polite and courteous way, also a little flattery goes a long way but don't over do it. 'That's a great bum' is absolutely fine whereas 'I'd like to fuck that hot ass now' will not go down as well. Remember, you don't know who it is your talking to.

I'm going to stop now before my fingers fall off so remember have fun, be safe and happy swinging!

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Submitted on: 18th April 2004
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comment: Thanks Sam !

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