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About Winks
A wink is just a little bit of flirty fun... a simple greeting sent from one member to another.

Sending a wink

When browsing a member's profile, you may feel the urge to wink at them ;) To do this, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Send wink" button.

If you can't find a "Send wink" button, the member may have asked us to hide it. In this case, he/she/they are much more likely to respond to a personal message sent using the internal mail system.

Receiving a wink

Whenever you log in (or click on the Home page) we will tell you how many new winks you may have received.

To see who has been winking at you, click the Winks button at any time to go to the My Winks page.

This page will reveal who has been winking at you. You can also keep track of any winks you may have sent, by clicking the Winks I've sent button.

The latest winks will always appear at the top of the list.

Wink etiquette

I've received a wink - what should I do now?

Just as in real life, there is no pressure to respond to a wink, and nobody will be offended if you don't. However, you might just feel a devilish urge to wink back ;)

If you do, your admirer may then be encouraged to sit down and write a proper personal mail message, knowing that they may not be completely wasting their time.

Remember, a wink back is not expected where there is no mutual admiration. On the other hand, not replying to a mail message is regarded as bad manners.

Wink control

You have complete control over the winks system. Go to My Account - Privacy - Winks to specify the type of members you are willing to accept winks from.

You can even disable winks altogether, but think of the fun you might be missing! ;)

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