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There is now an easy alternative to using credit, debit cards and mobile payments
Have a look at the Ukash payment option....it's Safe, Secure, Anonymous and no more declined transactions!

The convenient and safe way to pay online

Get your cash. Exchange it for a UKash voucher. Use the 19-digit Ukash voucher
code to pay online. It's that simple! You don't need to tell us your financial details.
You don't even need a card. And when you want to upgrade again, just get more Ukash.

Select the option on our upgrade page for full details.

Contact Us - www.local-swingers.co.uk
Should you need to contact us please use one of the methods below

We prefer to use our own Internal Mail system, or email
Email : support@local-swingers.co.uk - We try to reply the same day, but always within 24 hours
  Please quote your login name to help us with your enquiry
Hotmail Users : localswingers@hotmail.co.uk
  If emailing from Hotmail please use above hotmail address.
Hotmail have blocked our main address...no idea why...maybe they don't like our name !!!
Security: Depending on your enquiry we may need to ask some security type questions before we can help, or confirm anything.

Initially just include your login name and if we need anything else we will ask.

If you have lost your login details we can usually help once we are sure it's your account. Sometimes it's easy to confirm, but not always and may take several days to resolve. We will only give out details when we are 100% confident you are the account owner.

(For most enquires our internal mail system is usually the quickest way for us to help as you are already logged into your account).

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