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Holiday meets at home and abroad
NEW by date by country
April 24th 2016 to
May 1st 2016
Lanzarote Pueto del Carmen, Spain
couple invites
Fancy some fun in the sun
April 30th 2016 to
May 7th 2016
Gran Canaria, Spain
couple invites
Holiday Fun
May 2nd 2016 to
August 28th 2016
Cap D Agde, France
couple invites
Living in Cap d'Agde
May 3rd 2016 to
May 10th 2016
Majorca- Magaluf, Spain
couple invites
Looking for some fun
May 3rd 2016 to
May 10th 2016
couple invites
May 5th 2016 to
May 11th 2016
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
couple invites
Dubai sexy meet
May 5th 2016 to
May 6th 2016
Dublin, Ireland
male invites
city fun
May 8th 2016 to
May 16th 2016
kos, Greece
couple invites
fun in the sun
May 12th 2016 to
May 19th 2016
Gran Canaria, Maspalomas/Playa del Inglis, Spain
male invites
Fun in Gran Canaria
May 13th 2016 to
May 16th 2016
London, United Kingdom
couple invites
Looking for alternative bi f fun ??
May 13th 2016 to
May 20th 2016
crete, Greece
couple invites
May 14th 2016 to
May 21st 2016
fuerteventura, Spain
couple invites
relaxing fun holiday
May 14th 2016 to
May 28th 2016
argassi zante, Greece
couple invites
unspecified guests
nice relaxed couple wanting sexy times
May 14th 2016 to
June 4th 2016
couple invites
May 15th 2016 to
August 26th 2016
Summer in Cap d'Agde, France
couple invites
unspecified guests
Summer in Cap d'Agde Ready For Fun
May 17th 2016 to
May 25th 2016
Marmaris, Turkey
couple invites
Marmaris 17 th of may 2016
May 19th 2016 to
May 24th 2016
Great Yarmouth area, Norfolk, United Kingdom
male invites
Long Weekend on Norfolk Coast
May 21st 2016 to
July 16th 2016
Cap D'agde, France
male invites
Female needed for genuine FREE holiday at Cap
May 24th 2016 to
June 14th 2016
Paphos, Cyprus
male invites
Holiday Fun in Paphos Cyprus
May 25th 2016 to
June 1st 2016
Fuerteventura - Jandia, Spain
couple invites
Fun in the sun
May 28th 2016 to
May 29th 2016
Bournemouth Dorset, United Kingdom
couple invites
Hotel Players Required
June 7th 2016 to
June 21st 2016
near Split, Croatia
couple invites
seeking some very sexy fun
June 9th 2016 to
June 12th 2016
isle of weight festival, United Kingdom
male invites
sex drink and rock and roll mmmmmm
June 11th 2016 to
June 25th 2016
Umbria, Italy, Italy
couple invites
Villa,hot tub maybe a sexy meet as well?
June 11th 2016 to
June 18th 2016
pefkos rhodes, Greece
couple invites
Meet drinks fun and lots of happy times
June 17th 2016 to
June 27th 2016
Crete, Plaka, Greece
male invites
Fun in Crete/Plaka
June 25th 2016 to
July 9th 2016
couple invites
Looking forward to see some of Mexico
June 28th 2016 to
July 7th 2016
Gran Canaria, La Mirage / Maspalomas, Spain
couple invites
Sun Sea and Fun :-)
July 1st 2016 to
July 7th 2016
Crete, Greece
couple invites
Swing in Crete
July 8th 2016 to
August 5th 2016
cap d'agde, France
couple invites
unspecified guests
looking for fun on holiday in cap d'agde
July 26th 2016 to
August 23rd 2016
Benidorm 3/9/16 swingers69, Spain
couple invites
Benidorm 3/9/16 fr 2 weeks - swingers69

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